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I want to order several hundred nameplates for our new offices. ? | artsNprints.com Nagaland

Our pricing tables for our nameplate wizards only extend to quantities of 20, or so, nameplates at a time. Please call us and we can send you a quotation. Buying direct from the source will save you money. Also, we can accept your list of names and titles in any electronic form. Typically, we receive an spreadsheet or Word file that lists the data. Our systems easily import the data. Once this is accomplished, all of the nameplates are available, [...]


How many font sizes should you use for house name plates? artsNprints.com Nagaland

For Nameplates only, text height, or point size is generally offered at 50%, 25% or 12.5% of the height of the nameplate. This allows the proper amount of margin for easy readability. “Avani”  royal look Brass engraved designer house name plate | Order online now and get home delivery | artsNprints.com Nagaland Brass engraved house name plate in English same can be made as “Content” House Name Plate in Language | Shipping near by Mokokchung, Mon and across India by artsNprints.com Nagaland Material Used : ISO Standard, architectural grade, UV [...]

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