Foremost Quality of Acrylic House Name Plate | Yadgir

Foremost Quality of Acrylic House Name Plate | Yadgir

Imported Acrylic laser cut house name plate by | “Prabhakar Sukanya” Lasercut Jali Theme NamePlate | Size 18″ x 09″ Inches: 3600 INR

Acrylic are made from a synthetic polymer of methyl methacrylate, which is a thermoplastic. Its light weight, shatter – resistant properties make it a great choice

The standard sizes for home name plates are (12×6 inches) small, (18×9 inches) medium and (24×12 inches) large. There can be one, two or three lines of text and the length is determined by the number of letters.

Letter size is not fixed and is adjusted to suit as per the size.

Available in all Indian Regional Language

Usuage : Exterior and Interior Display.

Material: Acrylic gold foil lasercut letters

Dimensions (inches) : Select as per required

Best Quality of Acrylic House Name Plate for House, Bungalows, Villa | 

Acrylic is an excellent material of choice for many display and data transmission products due to its excellent optical clarity. can produce high quality finished flat-panel acrylic parts in a wide variety of sizes and thicknesses.

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White Base Brass Gold Letters | Jali Theme

Dimensions : 24 x 12 Inches

best suits for wall beside door Internal Purpose

(Covered under Shade)

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