Know everything about MDF name plate | Nandyal

Know everything about MDF name plate | Nandyal

Know everything about MDF name plate

Medium-density fiber board (MDF) is an engineered wood product made by breaking down hardwood or softwood residuals into wood fibers. MDF name boards are made of a special kind of resin that provides moisture resistance. MDF does not warp or crack like wood. This will result in a smoother finish name plates.

Durability: MDF name plates are not very strong and durable but are resistant to termites. It has to be handled with care And make it last long.

Suitability: MDF name plates are not waterproof material hence these name plates are for customers who do not have waterproof nameplate requirements.

Colors: Black, Blue, Chocolate Brown, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Khaki, Mint Green, Orange, Red, Violet, Yellow are the available colors.



Laser cut

LED Illuminated

3D Letters on Acrylic is possible like acrylic letters, MDF letters, SS letters, Titanium letters, brass, sun board letters.

Shapes : We can personalize different shapes which are technically possible for MDF like square, rectangle, circle, oval and abstract.

Price range: Price of MDF name plate starts from 3999 rs onwards where printing process is affordable & Hollow letters with LED are expensive.

Installation: Installation kit is provided in packages. These name boards can only be installed by any carpenters.

Standard Sizes available:

Series : A | N | S

A= Paper sizes[with orientation]

A4 08″x12″

A3 12″x18″

A2 18″x24″

N= Non oriented

N4 09″x18″

N3 12″x24″

N2 18″x36″

S= Square | Circle

S4 12″x12″

S3 18″x18″

S2 24″x24″

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