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Pre-eminent grade steel house number plate | artsNprints.com Nilgiris

Pre-eminent grade steel house number plate | artsNprints.com Nilgiris

“VPS 334” House number plate dealers | 4mm Thick Solid Stainless Steel CNC cut letters fixed on 6mm imported black letters | Price : 7500 INR

House number plate shipping across Tamil Nadu | artsNprints.com Nilgiris

Leading Laser Cut House Number Plate Service – Highest Quality Technology – Fast Product Turnaround.

Material : 4mm thick Solid Steel and 6mm acrylic base

Fixing : 2 studs will provided for wall mounting

Dimensions : 14 x 14 inches

Delivery Time : 4-5 working days

Standard size : Small:  9×9 inches | Medium:  14×14 inches | Large : 22×22 inches | Extra Large :30 x 30

SHOP BY Filters & Preferences: 

Budget, Standard design template or Customised , MaterialProcessInstallation Display SpotDimensions, LanguageShapesOrientationShippingTerms & ConditionsPoliciesFAQSDurability, Added Value, Fonts & Colour, Installation Kit, Maintenance, Options, InstructionsTIPS, Payment, Quality assurance and Best Suitable

Material Used: Titanium Mirror Gold Metal

Process: Etching or Engraved

Durability: Weather Proof and lasting long

Select as per Installation Display Spot:

External: shop for building | shop for compound wall | shop for pillar gate | shop for portico.

Internal: shop for doors | shop for wall beside or above door

 Standard Name Plate Dimensions (inches): Select as per required: Small | Medium | Large | Extra Large | Customized.

The standard sizes for landscape oriented Oval or Rectangle House Name Plates are

(9″ x 18″inches) Small

(12″ x 24″ inches) Medium

(18″ x 24″ inches) Large

(24″ x 36″ inches) Extra Large |

The standard sizes for portrait oriented Square or Round House Name Plates 

(12”x12” Inches) Small

(18” x 18” Inches) Medium

(24” x 24” Inches) Large

(36” x 36” Inches) Extra Large

For Door: Single Name (3″x 9″ inches) Small, (4″ x 12″ inches) Medium & for Two Names (6″ x 9″ inches) Large, (8″ x 12″ inches) Extra Large

For Door:  Single long Name (3″ x 12″ inches) Small, (4″ x 15″ inches) Medium, & Two Names (6″ x 12″ inches) Large, (6″ x 15″ inches) Extra Large.

Shapes: Abstract, Circle, Oval, Rectangle, Square

Added Value: Borders, Clip art’s, Personalized Designs

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Speed delivery across Nilgiris, Udhagamandalam, Kundah, Coonoor, Kotagiri, Gudalur and Pandalur.

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