Elegant metal house number plate | artsNprints.com Sivaganga

Elegant metal house number plate | artsNprints.com Sivaganga

“217” CNC Laser Cut Number Plate with 3mm Thick Stainless Steel Base for all weather installation purpose | 12″ x 08″ inches | 5400 INR

304 Grade Stainless Steel CNC Laser Cut Villa metal house number plate | Shipping across Tamil Nadu | artsNprints.com  Sivaganga

As a professional Name Plate designer, the design process is the most crucial process to be familiar and proficient with. A Nameplate designer must be able to take an idea and bring it through the process and come out with a product on the other side. The Name plate will be over one of the in-house projects completed with Precession. The task is to create a simple, yet stylish CNC laser cut nameplate to go on  the wall of house. The design process for this name plate will be outlined to show exactly how the process of designing a custom idea is executed.

For any custom project, there are going to be guidelines in order to meet all the customers’ expectations. These guidelines usually layout the general dimensions, materials, forms, pieces, timeline, etc. For this project, the guidelines were to make a small nameplate out of CNC Laser cut materials. The metal house number plate should have some press fit or snap-on feet to hold it upright. For the shape, a simple Stainless Steel will be enough. Now as a house name plate designer, the job is to take these guidelines and bring that idea to life.

CNC Laser Cut SS metal house number plate

Dimenisions : 12 x 08 Inches

best suits for wall External or Internal Purpose

Shipping across Sivagangai, Manamadurai, Ilayangudi, Thiruppuvanam, Kalaiyarkoyil and Sigampunari.

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