Gorgeous flawless Granite Gold Effect Sing boards For house, Flats | artsNprints.com Nagarbhavi

Gorgeous flawless Granite Gold Effect Sing boards For house, Flats | artsNprints.com Nagarbhavi

Granite is a fine to coarse-grained crystalline igneous rock with intense coloration which exudes style. All our granite signs have a polished finish. Each piece is highly polished and is so beautiful that you are drawn to touch it. We stock five standard colors but others can be imported in for you. High quality marble & granite signs to suit all budgets. Huge amount of choice in stones, fonts and images marble house name plate

Granite is a stone formed from fire and consists of quartz, feldspar and mica. This stone was once a molten flowing mass much like lava, and as it cooled down it became very dense and hard. In fact, granite is second only to diamonds in its hardness. Because it is resistant to blistering, scratching, cracking and scorching, granite is the number one choice in natural stone for kitchen, bath, and commercial countertops. Polished granite, with its high gloss, reflects light beautifully. Granites are quarried throughout the world in the form of huge blocks and then reduced into slabs. These slabs are then carefully crafted and fabricated by a specialist to the form you desire.

Will last a lifetime Granite is an extremely hard material and a favorite of the natural stone choice due to its almost indestructible qualities. Granite is found in the continental crust and has been mined and used throughout history by many ancient civilizations including the Egyptians whose use of granite stone in their pyramids can still be seen some 5000 years later. Deep engraved with a number, house name or incorporating both and then in filled with a contrasting color, these nameplates will sit proudly on display for many years.


Quality: High quality with Seamless finish

Borders: We can add a line border with indented or square corners.

Single/Double Scalloped Borders. Logos and borders can also all be included to enhance your house nameplate

Images: We can include images on our signs and memorials. Choose bold images – it is not possible to sand-blast very fine lines.

Letters: Lettering is available in many fonts. Lettering is usually painted Silver, Gold, White, Black or Ivory – other colours are purple, crimson, blue – light, dark and pearlescent, green – lime, dark and pearlescent. We can also blast away the background leaving the lettering raised and unpainted. Would you like a border.

The thicker granite is normally used for larger properties wanting a large granite sign. We can cut the granite to any size. The edges can be clean cut, honed smooth or polished. Holes can be drilled if required at extra cost

Engraving/ Carving: 1-5 Numbers or letters Approximate: 3″ tall. Deep Engraved for Longevity

Mounting: Great on door, siding, stone, stucco, brick or wood.

Maintenance: Easy to Clean and UV Stable & Fade Proof

Use : Internal & Exterior Use

Size : 18 x 18 inches

Granite is guaranteed for Life

Shipping: All shipping will ship in approx. 3-4 business days from date of purchase. That may vary depending on the current workload we are experiencing. If you are in a hurry to get an item please let me know and I will do everything I can to speed up the process.

Note : Please insert order information in “Order Notes” section of Payment Processing.

Custom shapes, sizes , borders, fonts, colors are available by Laser Technology all Indian Regional Language can be engraved, Custom shapes, sizes, borders, fonts, colors are available, Holes can be drilled if required at extra cost

Cost will varies according to Acrylic text/letters/designs

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